Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Checking In

Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve written here. Sorry about that, I guess I just haven’t had too much to say that I thought would be interesting. The other day, however, I started writing a sort of reflection on my service that is currently about six single-spaced pages of rigmarole with little evidence of a connecting theme, random tangents, no end in sight and is about as confusing as the dream I had when I fell asleep after taking my malaria pills and watching “Lost Highway.” If there is a coherent way to express the last two years of my life, I haven’t yet found it but I’ll keep trying my best to spare you from another list.

In the meantime, all is going well down here in Guatemala and it’s hard to believe that my time here is coming to an end. I remember writing here a while back when we had our Mid-Service Conference that it was just a fancy term for the Half Way Done! Conference. Now, in two weeks I’ll have what is called the COS Conference which is just a fancy term for the We Made It! Conference. Of course I’ll still have about another two and a half months left after the We Made It! Conference but I’m really looking forward to the last stretch of my service and finishing up everything I’ve started down here.

Well I just wanted to check in and ease all of your worries that I had gone insane down here and thus not posting anything on this blog; thankfully, that is not the case. (Although I did catch a gecko or lizard or something this weekend and after trying to feed it bugs for about an hour I realized how that would look to someone who lived in the “real world” and thus decided to let it go. Afterwards I realized that I passed the insane test because I never gave it a name or spoke to it, so yeah, I’m doing alright.) I hope all is well with my five readers and that everyone in Oregon right now is enjoying to the fullest the spoils of summer in the Northwest. (Someone freeze some berries for me, please!)

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